Social Gaming Summit Preview: Top 5 Social Games for Hardcore Gamers

At this year’s Social Gaming Summit, Jim Greer from Kongregate and Andrew Busey from Challenge Games will be hosting a session entitled “Social Games for Hardcore Gamers“. This is a vital topic in today’s gaming world as hardcore game designers attempt to connect with a market that has been overlooked by the more casual social games on Facebook. To whet your appetite for the session, I have compiled a list of hardcore-friendly social games that are playable on Facebook.

While I have the chance, let me remind you that the Social Gaming Summit is a two day event starting next Thursday. Click the banner and sign up today to attend the “Social Games for Hardcore Gamers” talk and more.

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Now, on to the list of the top 5 social games for hardcore gamers!


This may be a turn-based game, but I think ‘the term ‘casual’ just wouldn’t apply to a web-based collectible card game (CCG) like PoxNora. The intricacies of each of the cards and players that are available is vast, and we covered some of the more detailed aspects in our recent review of the game. If you’re interested in turn-based strategy games, then you ought to give this game a try, and play against the big community on FB and the web.

Paradise Paintball 3D

If you’ve ever been interested in first person shooters, then you know that there is no better way to play an FPS than with friends. Capturing the flag after an intense round or coming down to the wire as you battle in a team deathmatch is always better when you’re crushing or being defeated by people you know. That’s why we’ve seen a good number of companies attempt to bring the FPS experience to the social games space (and the iPhone), and the best of the bunch is Paradise Paintball 3D. Take a look at our coverage here.


Jetman is probably one of the oldest, popular games on the Facebook platform. The beauty in the title is that uses one key to play. You simply navigate your Jetman leftwards through a cave and use the thruster to buoy him high enough to avoid obstacles. The title may be simple, but it’s challenge brings back to mind some of the best 2D space shooters from the 80s and 90s, like R-Type and Gradius. You can’t shoot, but you can earn and upgrade your Jetman into a banana. It’s a lot of fun and my anti-Facebook gaming friends still like this title. Give it a shot!

Crazy Planets

One of my favorite games on Facebook is Crazy Planets, a strategy based action game that adds a series of social features and cool upgrade options. The basic gameplay is pretty simple and emulates worms in the way it controls, but is unique in that you traverse a circular planet with your two or three robots, attempting to kill the other robots. The play is turn based but each shot requires that you aim your gun like in Worms or the classic ‘Tank’ game. You have a variety of weapons that unlock as you go through the levels, and some terrain is reformable. The graphics are neat, the music is quirky and the big planets are really fun to battle on.   Give this one a shot ASAP.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a pure Worms clone, but does it exceptionally well and makes multiplayer gaming a cinch. With one click I was able to have an extremely rewarding 5 minute game with 3 other players. The goal of this game is simple, you have a small dog, and there are three other dogs on the map. You each take turns shooting at each other with rocket launchers, grenades and other bonus items, and whoever keeps their health by the end of the 5 minutes is the winner. i feel this is one of the best games I’ve played on Facebook and strongly recommend it!

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