Social Gaming Summit Video: Playfish Co-Founder Sebastien de Halleux on Emotions, Hollywood and Virtual Goods

At this year’s Social Gaming Summit, Playfish Co-Founder Sebastien de Halleux discussed how virtual goods sales are affected by holidays, the importance of imbuing games with emotion and more. We caught these clips of his impassioned speeches at the show and decided to post them here. Emotions in games was one of the biggest themes of this year’s Social Gaming Summit, and it was great to see so many pundits so enthused about the potential to tie social to emotional. See the video after the jump.

Social Gaming Summit 2010: Playfish Co-Founder Sebastien de Halleux Discusses Emotions in Games and Valentine’s Day from Neil Vidyarthi on Vimeo.

It’s great to hear Sebastien, now an EA employee, talking about how that fundamental engagement with gamers is based on emotion. He strikingly compares the elicited emotions of social games to those of Hollywood movies, where film directors learned to tug at the heartstrings in a variety of ways. He also mentioned that Hollywood learned these formulas, and then began to copy itself over and over until it had found several different ways to engage with people’s emotions.

Sebastien feels we are at an early stage of social gaming in that regard, because we paint with broad strokes rather than fine brushes with our users. There are big concepts like sharing, gifting and messaging, but perhaps we aren’t touching concepts like jealousy, compassion and other more nuanced emotions. In any case, please take a look at the video and enjoy a bit of the passion that goes on behind the scenes in the social games industry.

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