Video Interview With Ted Sorom, Founder of Rixty: The Average American Household Has $90 In Change

At the Social Gaming Summit this year I had the opportunity to engage in a video interview with Ted Sorom, the CEO and co-founder of alternative games monetization platform Rixty. Rixty helps players pay for their virtual currency and virtual goods in their social games by paying with the spare change they have lying around the house. We were able to discuss just how much change lies around the average American household, how CoinStar allows people to use those spare coins to play games and get virtual goods, and discuss where social games will be in three years.

Ted’s product, Rixty, has recently announced partnerships with most major game companies and was definitely a big buzz generator at the Social Games Summit this year. Most platforms try to use the Rixty service to enable younger players and people with loose change to put some money into games without a ton of effort. His comments on the future of social gaming were particularly interesting

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