Social Media Gender Balance – Women Like Pinterest, Twitter, Men Like Reddit, Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that Pinterest is very popular with women?

Yeah, of course you did. Everybody knows that. But what about the other social networks? Do chicks rule across the board?

Well, yes, they do. For the most part, women dominate social networking. Twitter, for example, skews heavily towards female users, with ladies making up some 62 percent of all profiles. On Facebook women account for 58 percent of all users, and on Pinterest it’s a heady 72 percent.

In fact, women are represented more heavily on nearly all the major social networks, with one notable exception: social bookmarking sites. Reddit has a 74 percent male demographic, and men account for 66 percent of Digg’s userbase.

Men almost show up strongly on Spotify (66 percent), Google+ (64 percent) and Soundcloud (61 percent).

The gender split is almost even on YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr and Instagram.

This infographic, which comes courtesy of Information Is Beautiful, takes a closer look at the gender balance on social networking sites.

(Source: Information Is Beautiful. Man/woman image via Shutterstock.)