Social Gift Card Exchange Cuts Out the Middleman

What do you get the person who has everything? A gift card, of course. But each year, $5 billion is WASTED when people let “small” balances sit idle. Thanks to the newly launched Social Gift Card Exchange, you have one less excuse to squander someone’s hard-earned money.

The Social Gift Card Exchange allows users to post gift cards they don’t want and sell them to other members for no charge. Gift cards can be traded with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and companies.

The site relies on Connect with Facebook and pulls sellers’ profile information. That attaches a name, face and identity with the person you are potentially transacting with. You can search for gift cards from your Facebook connections, even choosing “neighbors,” in order to sell cards in-person within a certain mileage radius.

The homepage displays the card amount, the sale price and the percentage you are saving. You can also search by store name or filter by price. An offer can be given a thumbs up if you dig it or reported as spam is you smell some shady business.

Gift Card Exchange is owned by Club Hub, a Website that specializes in credit card comparison shopping. In some cases, they will contact sellers directly and offer to buy their gift cards.

The best deal I see as of this post is a Barnes & Noble gift card at a $42% savings – not a bad deal.