Your Guide To Social Gifting – Social Media Meets Shopping – This Holiday Season

This holiday season, it’s easier than ever to cross every single person off your list right from your desk chair.

Thanks to the growing phenomenon of “social gifting,” a digital-age halfway point between shopping at brick-and-mortar stores and picking up noncommittal gift cards at the CVS counter, you can capitalize on your social media knowhow to gift with a purpose.

Social gifting made up a cool $1 billion of the $100 billion gift card industry last year, and the trend looks like it’s here to say.

Which makes total sense. Yesterday we shared how 2012 was a great year for social fundraising – proving the shareability and ease of social shopping online.

Here’s a handy pocket guide to using social media for holiday gift shopping this year. You can send those thank you notes directly our way.

Wantful: You build a collection of 12 great products you know they’ll love, the site custom prints it in a personalized book for each recipient, then you let them be the ones to discover the products and choose the one they’d like to receive.

Treater: Send Treats to your friends anywhere, instantly. Treats can be delivered through text, Facebook or email. Just sign in with Facebook to get going, and follow @Treater on Twitter for updates.

Wrapp: Wrapp is a fun and easy way to give free and paid gift cards to your Facebook friends. Follow @wrappcorp on Twitter for FAQ and updates on the day’s free featured gift cards.

Gwitr: Facebook reintroduced its Gift Shop back in September, and it now has a Twitter imitator: Gwitr, a Twitter app that lets you send free virtual gifts to other users. Choose from a variety of vector images, wrap them and then send them with a message. You can also upload your own gift to send.

Donate Your Account: Donate Your Account allows supporters to donate their Twitter and Facebook accounts to a campaign, which can then spread its message by having it automatically retweeted or reshared through donated accounts.

Chirpify: Buy, sell and pay in-stream on Instagram and Twitter. Create and edit listings, view receipts and control social distribution, all from one beautiful interface.

Givver: Similar to Chirpify, Givver allows users to give by just sending a simple tweet – but unlike its competitor, Givver is entirely donation focused. In fact, Givver claims to be the first platform dedicated to fundraising with Twitter. Just tweet or retweet to #give to your favorite causes in seconds – a great gift for anyone particularly social-minded on your holiday shopping list.

Are you planning to do any social media holiday shopping this season?

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