How To Get Your Social Media Fix In Just 60 Minutes A Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

How much time do you spend using social media?

If you’re anything like what’s increasingly becoming any other normal person, the answer to this question is two-fold: one, you’re using it a lot, and two, the time you’re spending on these channels is getting bigger all the time.

And if you’re using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for business, as well as personal, you’re probably almost always using social media. So… how do you find the balance?

You need a system. This infographic from Dendrite Park proposes a 60-minute per day social media solution, giving you (admittedly pretty stingy) micro-management usage targets for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, as well as content curation, blogging and analytics. Okay, so five minutes for Twitter and two minutes to analyse your ROI might not be quite enough to put you into the big leagues, but hey, everybody has got to start somewhere, right?

(Source: Dendrite Park. Social media image via Shutterstock.)

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