Latest Data Suggests Twitter (Not Facebook) Is Now The Young Person’s Social Network [STUDY]

Since way back, one thing about Twitter, certainly compared to other social networks, has always been true: Twitter is for older users.

Not old people – no social network has really cracked that particular nut, although LinkedIn is trying its darnedest – but older users than other social platforms, certainly Facebook, which has typically been seen as more appealing to teenagers.

Well, guess what: that appears to no longer be the case, as a new and detailed study suggests it’s now Twitter that mostly appeals to the younger demographic, both on desktops and, naturally, mobile phones.

The new research comes courtesy of comScore, and reveals that Twitter’s audience now skews younger than both Facebook and the rest of the internet.

Check the first visual below, which tracks U.S. desktop users. Twitter is represented by (the social media cool) blue bars, Facebook (the dreary) grey and LinkedIn (the ominous and evil) black.*

And here’s your global data (also desktop):

In both cases Twitter is showing a bigger, younger audience in all age ranges up to 24, and even as high as 44 in the U.S. Facebook has a good handle on the middle pack and LinkedIn starts to get interesting when users get long in the tooth.

Switch to mobile and that hierarchy is even clearer.

It’s just one study and there’s every chance we’ll see a counter view in the near term, but, taken at face value, this is interesting stuff, and could be very important for both Twitter and Facebook’s business models in the years to come.

* Those colour choices can’t be accidental, right? Even subliminally they say an awful lot.

(Source: AllThingsD. Facebook/Twitter image: clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr.)