Social Media at the Center of Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’

Al Jazeera has debuted The Stream, a program (it airs via live-stream Monday through Thursday at 3:30 EST and will debut on TV on May 2) that relies heavily on Storify and social media technology to discuss the impact that social media is having on current affairs. Al Jazeera is hoping to use The Stream to reach “cord cutters” (as Fast Company calls the new cable subscription-less population), engage audiences via social networks, and break through to American audiences following its success covering the uprisings in the Middle East. ReadWriteWeb and Lost Remote also have reviews and discussions of the new show.

Traditional outlets have been turning to citizen journalists for some time now, incorporating user-generated content, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to enhance its coverage and better relate to audiences. You can watch a replay of the premiere of The Stream here. What sort of impact do you think this format will have on news programming and media relations?

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