62% Of Consumers Have Used Social Media For Customer Support [INFOGRAPHIC]

In less than a decade, social media has delivered a huge amount of change and value for both brands and consumers, and one of its biggest successes is how it allows businesses of all sizes to provide first-class one-to-one and one-to-many customer support and service.

But despite this success, we’re still just scratching the tip of the iceberg – a new study has revealed that while many customers have already used social media for support issues, more than three-quarters would readily embrace these methods if they better understood the tools and options available to them.

Support platform Zendesk looked at the current state of consumer service within social media, and have released their findings in this new infographic.

Key takeaways include:

  • Facebook leads all social platforms for brand interaction, with 34 percent of the users polled favoring that network, ahead of second-placed Twitter and Blogs (both 4 percent)
  • Retail customers are more likely to reach for social media support than those in any other category
  • 62 percent of consumers have used social media for customer service issues, but 76 percent of the users polled say they would be more likely to use these tools if they better understood how they worked

(Source: Zendesk. Hat tip: The Next Web. Top image credit: D.R.3D via Shutterstock.)