The 7 Types Of Social Media Fan (And How To Convert Them Into Customers) [INFOGRAPHIC)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: to do well in this crazy world of social media, all you need are 100 true fans.

What’s a true fan? On Twitter, it’s someone who goes out of their way to read your tweets, even checking your profile in case they’ve missed something. It’s a person who consistently retweets your most worthy submissions, and recommends you to their friends.

If you’re a brand on Twitter, a true fan is somebody who raves about your products, and appreciates your excellent customer service.

But here’s the thing: fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re not all advocates, at least not at first. Hence, it’s vital that, as someone who is using Twitter and other social networking sites for business, you understand and recognise the differences between the people who will engage with you on these platforms so you can better cater to their demands, deliver first-class customer service and create opportunity, loyalty and revenue.

The visual below identifies 7 types of social media fan, with a description of each and key pointers in how to manage their needs and wants.

(Source: ReachLocal.)

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