The Top 10 Fast Casual Restaurants On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do the top fast casual restaurants stack up on social media?

Perhaps surprisingly, Chipotle boasts the most fans on Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Why the amazement? Come on. I like a huge burrito as much as the next guy, but Chipotle isn’t that good.

Panda Express leads on Facebook (Chipotle rates 4th) and Panera Bread is tops on Pinterest (Chipotle a humiliating 10th), with Five Guys (#2 on Google+), Jimmy John’s (#2 on Twitter, #3 on Facebook and #3 on Pinterest) and Raising Cane’s (#2 on Instagram) also performing well.

This infographic from Fast Casual takes a closer look at the top fast casual restaurants in social media.

(Source: Fast Casual. Chipotle image via Shutterstock.)

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