Social Media Goes Crazy Over Orange Is the New Black’s Early Release

Its fans are very loud.

Six hours makes a big difference on social media. Yesterday, CEO Reed Hastings of Netflix heightened the hype by announcing that the third season of Orange is the New Black would be available for streaming before the official midnight launch time.

He did it at a Manhttan event called OrangeCon, the very existence of which should tell you how much some viewers like the show. The digital world–led by those following the #OrangeCon tag–proceeded to flip out.

Here’s the official announcement from actress Uzo Aduba, aka “Crazy Eyes”:

The “early release” was made all the more dramatic by the fact that Netflix had been promoting the new season with a series of Facebook videos in which the show’s stars counted down the days until its premiere.

Jay York, a senior digital marketing strategist with Florida’s EMSI Public Relations, says:

“OITNB made an excellent connection to their core brand by saying the season was ‘Out early for good behavior,’ an excellent way to communicate the early release of the season. The surprise led to a rush of commentary on social media, with fans spreading the news like gossip through a prison–causing it to trend on Twitter with 244K Tweets.”

This also makes for a nice counterpoint to an earlier story in which we reported that no one uses #hashtags anymore. Events, breaking news and group discussions are obvious exceptions to that “rule.”

Binge away, bitches.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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