Social Media Jobs On the Rise

Southern California newsrooms have been hit with yet more brutal cuts in recent months. But as editorial job vacancies shrink, social media gigs are on the rise, reports the LA Times.

No one knows exactly how many social media jobs exist, but a quick scan of online recruitment sites shows a bounty of businesses looking to hire.

“On any given week, we may see hundreds of new social media jobs posted,” said Kathy O’Reilly, director of social media relations for job recruitment site Monster.

The number of social media-related jobs on Monster has surged 75% over the last year, O’Reilly said. About 155 positions are available a month, up from an average of 88 a month a year ago.

As the Times notes, Facebook has 800 million users. Twitter has 200 million. That’s where the eyeballs are these days. Which means that’s where the jobs are going. It pains us to say this, but it looks like all you laid-off journos better put your social media hats on if you ever want health insurance again.

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