What If Twitter, Facebook And Google+ Were Your Neighbors? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sure, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ might be a lot of fun, and have tremendous business and branding potential, but what if they, you know, became real, living things and then – gasp – moved into your apartment block?

Putting the sheer, albeit surreal horror of this aside, how might this turn out? What hijinks might one expect?

This tongue-in-cheek infographic from the wizards at Column Five Media takes a closer look as this wackiness, and features cameos from other platforms such as Turntable.fm, YouTube, Wikipedia and Reddit. Extra kudos to them for creating what might be the first visualization that takes a blatant dig at Google+. Although to be fair, nobody really comes out smelling of roses.

Poor Justin. But seriously: what was he thinking?

(Source: Column Five Media.)