Social Media Newsfeed: Digg Reader | Skype Video Messaging

Digg Reader Will Launch Just Before Google Reader Shuts Down (SocialTimes) Digg will open its new RSS platform, Digg Reader, just weeks ahead of Google Reader’s expiration date, the company announced on Monday. Beta testers will see the first version of the tool starting next week; everyone else will have access on June 26.

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Digg Reader Will Launch Just Before Google Reader Shuts Down (SocialTimes)
Digg will open its new RSS platform, Digg Reader, just weeks ahead of Google Reader’s expiration date, the company announced on Monday. Beta testers will see the first version of the tool starting next week; everyone else will have access on June 26. CNET The first version of the reader — which lets users import feeds and folders straight from the soon-to-be defunct Google Reader — will have basic functions, along with a tool that allows users to push what they think are the most important stories to the top. Digg promises to add more over the next few months. TechCrunch The Digg team says the service will ultimately become a “freemium” product. All of the features it is releasing now as part of this free beta will remain part of the free experience, however. The Guardian It seems the mobile element may be iOS-only at launch, because Digg says an Android app is on its to-do list for the 60 days after its reader goes live. The company is also promising better integration with services like Buffer, Evernote and IFTTT, as well as more tools to sort, filter and rank reading lists and feeds. VentureBeat Google Reader was really good at collecting RSS feeds of all your favorite news sites and blog posts as they were published throughout the day. Personally, I found the service to be more than a bit overwhelming, but others (such as my VentureBeat colleagues) were outraged when Google announced it was shutting down the service earlier this year.

Skype Has its Own Answer to Snapchat (Business Insider)
Skype launched its video-messaging service Monday on Windows 8, Mac, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Though video-calling has been available on these platforms for some time, the ability to record a quick message and send it off to a few friends is a new addition, undoubtedly inspired by the success of Snapchat, which also lets you send video messages. The Next Web The entire process is pretty straight-forward; just tap the “Video Message” button, followed by the record icon to begin a new message. Recordings can be up to three minutes in length and also previewed before they’re sent to the desired recipients. Skype users can also delete and re-record video messages at any time, which is particularly useful when contacting someone relatively important. WebProNews “Just like the millions of users around the world who have already previewed video messaging, you too can now record and share a personal video message, even when your friends and loved ones are not available,” Skype’s Yasmin Khan says in a blog post. “The best part is that they’ll be able to view your video message as soon as they sign into Skype. Skype Video Messaging is easy and convenient, and only the contact you’ve chosen to receive your message can view it.”

Automattic Acquihires Mobile WordPress App Poster (VentureBeat)
Poster, an app that allows you to post articles on WordPress from you iOS device, has been acquired by parent company Automattic, the app’s creator announced Monday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Study: News Feed Page Post Ads Deliver 26X More ROI, 20X Greater CTR Than Facebook Right-Hand-Side Ads (AllFacebook)
Page post ads in Facebook’s News Feed are becoming the ad unit of choice for marketers on the social network, mainly due to their return on investment performance, according to a study released Monday by Facebook advertising platform Nanigans. Nanigans said advertisers in its study used its ROI-based bidding and optimization algorithms to include News Feed page post link and page post photo ads, as well as right-hand-side domain ads, in their campaigns.

Five Questions Edward Snowden Didn’t Answer During His Live Q&A About NSA Surveillance (GigaOM)
Edward Snowden, the former CIA staffer who recently leaked a trove of documents about an NSA surveillance program known as PRISM, hasn’t exactly been a shrinking violet since he provided the information last week: in addition to a live interview with The Guardian shortly after the documents were published, Snowden did a live question-and-answer session hosted on the newspaper’s website on Monday, in which readers submitted questions via Twitter and online comments. As more than one person noted while the discussion was going on, however, the former spy (who is now reportedly in hiding in Hong Kong) left a number of significant questions unanswered — perhaps in part because the newspaper is holding that information back for future stories, which Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald has promised will contain further revelations.

University to Fund Twitter-Based Australian Election Coverage (The Drum)
Sydney’s Macquarie University has announced it intends to fund the first Twitter–based election coverage by a professional journalist. Journalist Margo Kingston is to work with the University to cover the upcoming federal election using social media.

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Big-Name Viners Launch a Collective Vine Account, ‘Unpopular Now’ (AllTwitter)
A group of about 30 popular Viners have teamed up to launch the ironically titled “Unpopular Now,” a riff on Vine’s “Popular Now” category. In addition to sharing their Vines, the group plans to host contests and curations.

Government Working on Draft to Restrict Social Media in Turkey (HĂĽrriyet Daily News)
The Turkish government has launched a study to restrict social media, an attempt that has been inspired by the Gezi protests that have spread across the country. The Justice Ministry has started working on a draft on crimes over the Internet, ministry sources told the HĂĽrriyet Daily News.

YouTube Reaches More U.S. Adults Than Cable Networks [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
Should YouTube be part of your social marketing strategy? This infographic links top advertisers’ success to their YouTube presence and shows how the growing video-sharing platform has surpassed the cable networks in catching the 18-to-34-year-old demographic in the United States.

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