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What to Expect from Facebook's Android Announcement (Mashable) Facebook is holding an event at its Menlo Park headquarters today to show the world its “new home on Android.” Although Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has always indicated — as recently as a few months ago — that a phone has “always been the wrong strategy” for Facebook, it looks like a phone may be just what we'll see the company announce.

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What to Expect from Facebook’s Android Announcement (Mashable)
Facebook is holding an event at its Menlo Park headquarters today to show the world its “new home on Android.” Although Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has always indicated — as recently as a few months ago — that a phone has “always been the wrong strategy” for Facebook, it looks like a phone may be just what we’ll see the company announce. ReadWrite The phone — yes, the Facebook phone — is expected to run a modified but not fully skinned version of Android, retooled to revolve around the little blue “f” that has come so far. If we’re getting into semantics, you could say Facebook isn’t building the Facebook phone — HTC is. VentureBeat Now we have our first glimpse at Facebook Home’s user interface, courtesy of 9to5Google. Surprisingly, it seems that it’s more focused on delivering a great-looking Android experience, while much of the social functionality is subtly baked into the interface. CNET “Facebook Home incorporates a minimal aesthetic with a lot of focus on full-screen photography. As expected, there are hooks to the primary Facebook functions available from most menus, obviating the need to actually navigate to the dedicated app or site in many instances,” 9to5Google said. AllFacebook In other Facebook news, revised forecasts by eMarketer place Facebook atop the mobile display advertising revenue list, with the research firm saying that the social network will account for $3 of every $10 spent in the sector in 2013, and adding that it boosted its projections following a stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter performance. In terms of mobile ad revenues in general, eMarketer pegged Facebook at No. 2 overall, behind Google, and it said the social network’s share of the market would rise to 13.2 percent in 2013 from 9.5 percent in 2012.

Twitter Updates Mobile Experience to Complement New Card Offerings (AllTwitter)
Complementing its earlier announcement on new Twitter card options, the microblogging platform is pushing its design enhancements into overdrive with newly announced mobile updates. And this time they’re rolling it out to Android, iPhone and the entire mobile web at the same time – though you may have to wait a little bit regardless. TechCrunch There are two critical pieces to what Twitter announced: a way to increase e-commerce conversions via mobile apps, and a way to boost discovery and app installs for any mobile developer. For any of this to really matter, Twitter needs to find a foothold of a significant and meaningful size on mobile. The New York Times/The Lede
In related news, in a belated attempt at damage control, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo edited its official Twitter feed on Wednesday to remove an update that drew attention to video of the American comedian Jon Stewart’s withering criticism of Egypt’s government. As The Lede reported on Tuesday, the embassy’s apparent promotion of “The Daily Show” segment, which mocked President Mohamed Morsi for the interrogation of an Egyptian comedian accused of making criminal use of satire, prompted furious Twitter replies from the official accounts of both the president’s office and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist movement that got him elected.

One Year Later, Nearly 50 Percent of Instagram Users on Android
(PC Magazine)
As the tech community celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call, Instagram also has something to cheer about — the photo-filtering service launched on Android one year ago. On April 3, 2012, more than a million people downloaded the Android app. A year later, Android users make up almost half of all Instagrammers.

Accusations Mount Against Tech Power Broker Michael Arrington (SocialTimes)
Wednesday, a respected figure in tech, Jason Calacanis, who has worked with investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, wrote a long Facebook status update of his own, giving credence to Jenn Allen’s beating allegations. Calacanis referred to a former friend, “A brilliant mind, a great writer and funny … but with a dark edge.”

How Do Freelance Journalists Use Social Media? The 30-Second Survey (Ebyline/The News Hook)
Ebyline surveyed some of its freelancer members and found roughly that: while many freelancers inhabit social media all the time, a surprising number are still leery of using social media to connect with editors and other journalists and only bother to check in occasionally. More of our freelancers are on LinkedIn than Twitter, but few participate in groups they belong to.

The Weather Company Forges Twitter Partnership (LostRemote)
The Weather Company, the parent company of The Weather Channel, is partnering with Twitter to enhance its presence on the platform. Weather Channel content will now be embedded within tweets through Twitter’s “card” technology, and marketers can use the data from the two companies to target messages to specific people in specific regions.

Internet Commenters Help NYPD Track Down Brooklyn Subway Mugger (BetaBeat)
A video of a 56-year-old woman being brutally mugged in the F train station in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood went viral. Commenters at Daily Intel and Gawker used the police’s description – a 20-something, 150 pound man in a hoodie with “‘Alpha Phi Delta,’ on the front and ‘Stugotz’ with the number 27 on the back” – to track down the man’s Facebook page and comment.

‘God Was Here’ Uses Social Analytics to Track God in Real Time (SocialTimes)
A team of creatives based in Chicago has built a website to track God’s every move through mentions of His holy name. God Was Here illustrates just how often we use phrases like OMG (444 times Wednesday) and “thank God” in our everyday speech, as we seem to thank our maker for everything from Fridays to Starbucks.

StoryWorth Aims to Elicit and Record Family Stories (AllThingsD)
StoryWorth aims to create archives of personal stories told between generations. After a parent-child pair (or some other similar relationship) signs up for StoryWorth together, the site emails out questions like, “What were your grandparents like?” and “What was your first car?” Then the older user replies via email or phone recording. And a family archive begins.

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