57% Would Not Give Up Social Media On Vacation In Exchange For A 25% Hotel Discount

If your hotel offered you a 25% discount on your stay, would you take it if it meant you had to stop logging onto any social networks while on the vacation?

If you’re like 57% of respondents to a SpringHill Suites by Marriott survey, the answer would be no.

It appears that social media is a stronger component of travel than ever before.

According to the Marriott survey, more than two in five (44%) Americans who use social media agree that seeing vacation pictures or posts make them want to go to that destination.

And nearly a third (29%) have gotten pleasure out of the number of likes or comments on their vacation posts or pictures on social media.

Which means they wouldn’t be willing to give up that rush – even for a steep discount on their hotel stay.

Out of those respondents willing to sacrifice something for the hotel discount, the survey found that 54% (who were age 21+) would give up booze. And only 26% said they would give up access to their smartphone or tablet in exchange for the hotel discount.

The crazy thing is that a full 90% of employed Americans say they want or feel they need more allotted vacation days in the year, and 20% say they can’t even go one month before they feel like they need a vacation.

It’s hard to believe that part of that burnout isn’t the relentless connectivity we’re faced with at home and in the workplace. So wouldn’t a data detox be welcomed? Apparently teetotaling is preferable to tweetlessness.

Would you rather give up booze, access to your digital device, or social media in exchange for a 25% cheaper hotel stay?

(Survey via Marriott; image via Shutterstock)

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