Social Networking App Willow Updated With Group Conversations

The Willow app connects users with like-minded individuals based on question and answer prompts.

Social networking platform Willow has been updated to Version 2.0 on iOS. The former dating app allows users to connect with like-minded individuals through question and answer-based conversations.

Upon downloading Willow, users create an account by either connecting to Facebook or signing up with their phone number (the latter being a new option). Users then create a profile which can contain their relationship status, age, education information, interests, pictures and a short biography.

Users can complete their profile by adding three custom questions (from serious to silly), which will prompt others to begin conversations. When creating a question, users can browse more than 400,000 images to pair with their prompt.

Willow Update iOS

This updated version of Willow offers a new group feature, which allows users to ask and participate in group questions on either the local or global level, which are available to browse in a question discovery feed. Users can also search for content using question tags. While browsing, users can post anonymous likes on individual questions or answers, even if they don’t personally participate in the thread.

When users find an interesting contact, they can leave the public question area and begin a private chat. To prevent instant judging of others based on their looks, Willow only allows users to share their own photos once a conversation has started.

In a statement, Michael Bruch, founder and CEO of Willow, commented:

Conversation—and by extension, empathy and the ability to genuinely relate with others—isn’t prevalent enough in the modern social media landscape. Willow’s focus on substance and conversation fosters a community where thoughtfulness, empathy, and genuine expression are brought to the forefront and encouraged, rather than viewed as an afterthought.

The new Willow launched out of beta in February 2015. Since launch, Willow users have started more than 700,000 unique conversations, and sent over five million individual messages. More than 65 percent of the app’s posted questions receive answers.

Willow is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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