Which Social Networks Are The Most Illiterate? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I can’t remember the last day that went by without me reading a blog post that didn’t have a typo in it.

As the speed of our data consumption has increased, and the volume of our social networking has amplified, our online writing has become more and more illiterate.

Brandwatch and mycleveragency put together an infographic to examine just how illiterate social networks are these days.

Embarrassingly, for those of us who spend most of our social networking time on Twitter, Twitter users are the least literate of the Internet users looked at, with 0.56% of words being misspelled.

The stats:

Twitter: 0.56% or 1 in 179
Google+: 0.42% or 1 in 238
Facebook: 0.31% or 1 in 323
Forums: 0.18% or 1 in 556

Brits appear to be a little more careful with their keyboard-clicking, with an average misspelling rate of 0.53% (the U.S. is at 0.56%).

Interestingly, though, tweeters have been getting increasingly literate over the past few years, getting 0.01% more literate each year since 2011. That said, though, the increase in correct spelling could be due to smarter auto-correcting software.

Females are less likely to tweet or post with regular English, using words or phrases like “soooo,” “awww,” and “ohh” in their social messages.

Discover even more interesting statistics in this infographic:

(Infographic via Brandwatch, image via FreeMake.com)