Social Media Sentiment – Which Brands Are On The Naughty List This Christmas? [STUDY]

Which brands and industries are scoring well with consumers this holiday season, and which have made the naughty list?

uberVU tracked mentions of 5 top brands in 5 industries – retail, financial services, auto, airlines and beverages – to compare the percentages of positive and negative mentions.

In retail, Walmart’s commitment to low prices and low wages had led to a negative 20 percent sentiment rating, good enough to edge out second-placed Sears (-15 percent) and JCPenny (-12 percent). Meanwhile, Kohl’s (+33 percent), Target (+31 percent) and Macy’s (+29 percent) scored well.

JPMorgan (-18 percent) finished bottom in financial services, while American Express (+45 percent) finished top, and first across all industries tracked.

And the worst performing industry? Surprisingly, beverages, thanks to Pure Life, a Nestlé company, which rated a negative 39 percent disapproval rating.

(Source: uberVU.)

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