Twitter Rivals Facebook For Social Sharing In Europe [STUDY]

Earlier this month we looked at data from Gigya that revealed how both Twitter and Pinterest are challenging Facebook for dominance in the social sharing space across the world, with Pinterest notably strong in the retail sector.

Moreover, looking at the data again, it’s clear that Twitter is especially relevant in Europe, where it has an almost equal share with Facebook for social shares, and could surpass it next year.

Twitter is used by 45 percent of Gigya clients in Europe to share content, compared to 47 percent who use Facebook. That’s nine out of every ten shares – Google+ (4 percent) and LinkedIn (2 percent) have minority positioning, with Pinterest and all other social networks having essentially no slice of the pie at all.

It’s worth noting that, outside of Europe, Facebook is far more dominant, although that gap is also easing in North America, where Pinterest is impressively popular.

(Source: eMarketer. Facebook/Twitter image: clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr.)

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