Google Edging Closer To Facebook For Social Sign-In Share (Mostly At Twitter’s Expense)

New data has revealed that while Facebook still commands the lion’s share of the worldwide social sign-in space, it’s Google that has made the biggest gains over the past year, largely at Twitter’s expense.

While Facebook had a 54 percent share of all social sign-in buttons across websites in Q3 of 2012, it’s dipped back down to less than half (46 percent) in Q1 of 2013, reports Janrain in their April 2013 report.

Google, meanwhile, is up 9 percentage points over the same period, and now boasts a 34 percent share of all social sign-in buttons.

Twitter accounted for just 6 percent of social sign-in buttons in Q1 2013, down from 9 percent in Q1 2012.

(Source: eMarketer. Connect button via Shutterstock.)

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