Has Social Media Killed The Postcard? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you’re fortunate enough to find yourself on vacation, how do you tell others about your trip?

Facebook? Text message? Skype?

Or perhaps you’d rather keep it to yourself. All of these options are, of course, popular (in varying degrees) in these heady days of 2013, but what about the good, old-fashioned postcard, that bastion of holiday communication since, well, 1840, according to Wikipedia?*

Just 6 percent of us use postcards to tell friends and family about our holiday adventures, compared to 26 percent who choose Facebook, and 24 percent who prefer the text message.

Skype is also an increasingly popular option, although Twitter (at 2 percent) still has some catching-up to do. Overall, 61 percent log into social networks when they are on holiday, and almost one-quarter (23 percent) do so every day.

* And that first postcard was sent with a Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive stamp.

(Source: Skyscanner. Postcard image via Shutterstock.)