68% Of Trucking Firms Use Social Media (And Two-Thirds Of Those Are On Twitter) [STUDY]

Social media. Everyone is doing it, right?

Well, it certainly seems to be the case, with a new study revealing that more than two-thirds of the top one hundred freight hauling companies having a presence in social media. And 64 percent of those use Twitter.

Business to business (B2B) branding is already a difficult nut to crack in the social media space, and the trucking industry hardly screams “Like”. But the glittering lure of this very modern technology appears to have also hooked the transportation beast – Twitter aside, 80 percent of respondents to a Carrier Logistics study said they have a Facebook Page and 72 percent use LinkedIn.

However, these numbers fall short when held up against other B2B companies.

“If you think the results show strong use of social media by transportation companies, consider that transportation companies use social media less than the average business-to-business company,” says Gary Snyder, business development manager for Carrier Logistics.

“While ‘everyone is doing it,’ is not exactly the case,” Snyder adds, “The study makes a compelling case for business-to-business organizations in general, and transportation companies in particular, to use social media for brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation.”

(Source: Trucking Info. Trucking image via Shutterstock.)