55% of Couples Used a Hashtag During Their #Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

55% of Couples Used a Hashtag During Their #Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the biggest trends in social media is the hashtagification of everything.

And I mean everything. Of course, the use of hashtags on Twitter (and, later, Instagram and Facebook) is now absolutely the norm, with millions being shared each and every day. That volume quickly bled into “real world” usage as marketers looked to capitalise on all those social eyeballs, with hashtags very much par for the course on television shows, movie trailers and commercials. And now: weddings.

Yep. A new study has revealed that more than half (55 percent) of newlyweds used a bespoke hashtag during for their wedding, with a further 10 percent wishing they had.

28 percent updated their Facebook status within hours of tying the knot, 45 percent are active on social media when planning the wedding and 51 percent became “more realistic” with their Pinterest pins after getting engaged… whatever that means.

Check the visual below for more stats, courtesy of Mashable and TheKnot.com.

55% of Couples Used a Hashtag During Their #Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Mashable.)