Socialbakers Leavens Facebook Engagement Builder

Socialbakers has launched an engagement platform for Facebook.

Socialbakers has upgraded its Facebook platform to focus on building engagement.

The platform, formerly known as Social CMS, combines the presentation of content for Facebook news feeds with Socialbakers‘ analytics and benchmarking capabilities.

The upgrade positions Socialbakers’ platform to better compete with the likes of Buddy Media, Involver and Vitrue.

Socialbakers Engagement Builder’s features include:

  • A social media planning calendar with real-time scheduling of posts;
  • The ability to manage several Facebook pages simultaneously;
  • Customization of tabs and graphics;
  • Incorporation of third-party tabs;
  • The ability to publish customized apps;
  • Creation of tags by dragging and dropping elements;
  • Designation of different access levels to staff;
  • The ability to assign wall posts to different team members.

Socialbakers claims more than 250,000 brand and marketing professionals and more than 30 of the Fortune 500 are already using its analytics and benchmarking platform.

Chief Executive Officer Jan Rezab said:

Socialbakers is the only platform on the market that allows marketers to gain meaningful data that will help them make informed decisions to truly harness the power of social media. We are the fastest-growing social media analytics and management company in the space, which shows the demand for this type of service.

Readers, what are you doing to increase engagement on your Facebook page? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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