SocialCamera for Android: Interesting. But Install Size is a Deal Breaker

Apple introduced a simple to use face recognition for photographs feature in its iPhoto for Mac OS X a few years ago. It made its way into the iPhone’s photo app a while later. Google provides face recognition for its desktop and web-based Picasa photo management products. But, face recognition is not a feature of Android’s Gallery photo viewing app. Viewdle released a free Android app that provides a Facebook-like workaround. It lets you tag friends in photos on your Android phone and then share the tagged photos with services like Facebook or Flickr.

Viewdle SocialCamera

The app, still in a beta testing phase, is getting mixed reviews in the Android Market. Even those who give it relatively high marks (4 of 5 possible stars) are noting that it crashes. Another high mark given (4 stars) noted that the app is a gigantic 9MB. This is a show stopper for many of us with older (more than a year old) Android devices with limited system memory for app installaton. The app, based on several comments in the Android Market, is not moveable to the SD card. Despite the mixed comments, the app’s average customer rating is a very respectable 3.5 stars.

Via Mashable: Android App Sees Faces & Tags Friends in Photos

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