78 Social Media Apps and Services Marketers Need to Know

Need help measuring or monetizing your social media activities? After the jump, check out the apps in our popular "What You Should Know" series - one is bound to come to your rescue!

Our “What You Need to Know” series of application profiles has been helping brands and agencies select the most appropriate tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns.

Need to improve your social media monitoring, engagement or monitization? Check these out – one is bound to come to your rescue! [Updated November 30, 2011}

Alterian SM2

Business intelligence solution designed to capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor brands, identify key communities/influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research and generate sales leads.

Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a social media dashboard designed to assist professional marketers in executing campaigns and optimizing their social ROI. Its approach is modeled on a social sales funnel oriented to conversions and revenue, not just clicks and retweets.

Awareness Social Marketing Hub

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is designed for marketers to publish, manage, measure and engage across all their social channels — Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube — from one central location. In addition to multichannel publishing and aggregated cross-channel reporting, it offers centralized comment and conversation management, social profiling and team workflow with permissioning.

Blue Calypso

Blue Calypso is an advertising platform designed to provide a single solution for four key advertising strategies: word of mouth, social media, mobile and customer loyalty rewards.


Brandwatch is a full range of social media monitoring tools and services. It cleans and analyzes brand coverage; is designed to find insights, prioritize actions, respond and engage, and supports user-created reports and dashboards.


Bre.ad creates customized digital billboards that can be used to recommend causes, brands and interests. Followers see the personalized billboard for five seconds when they click on links created using the Bre.ad link shortener and are then automatically redirected to the target link.

Buddy Media Platform

Facebook management system to connect brands with their current and future customers and allowing them to launch, maintain and measure their Facebook presence across multiple countries and languages.


Cinchcast provides companies with a way to create, share, measure and monetize branded audio content to their target audiences. The platform enables marketers to create and leverage interactive audio content on their company website and syndicated to social media platforms.


CMP.LY is designed to provide an easy to understand solution for required disclosures, allowing users to easily scale efforts, manage process and address regulatory compliance in all forms of social media marketing with documented audit trails and reporting.

Compass Labs

Compass Labs’ real-time social media solution is designed to target potential buyers and improve engagement, conversion and ROI for advertisers.

Context Optional Social Marketing Suite

An integrated, SaaS solution that enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently build, monitor, manage and measure their brand presence on Facebook capable of supporting a large number of pages, administrators and fans.


Suite of social media listening products to turn the vast, unstructured, unprompted online conversation into a rich source of meaningful insights, intelligence and information.


Conversocial is a scalable customer service platform for Facebook and Twitter designed to reduce the risks of social media marketing. With collaborative workflow, automation and prioritization, teams can filter comments that need to be dealt with quickly, reducing the chances that important issues will be overlooked.

Crimson Hexagaon Forsight

Crimson Hexagon’s social media monitoring and analysis platform, ForSight, is designed to give companies actionable insight into consumer opinion of brands, products, services, competitors or any important topic from the billions of conversations happening online.

Direct Message Lab’s REACH

REACH v4, from Direct Message Lab, allows brands to manage multiple channels – social network pages and profiles, as well as social, mobile and desktop applications. The platform includes native marketing tools, including social loyalty programs, social sweepstakes and e-mail sharing. REACH also delivers user and content metrics and builds user profiles synchronized across all channels to give brands a view of users, content and engagement.

EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank Checker calculates and analyzes Facebook Page EdgeRank scores, a measure of the likelihood that a Page’s posts will be visible on its fans’ “Top News Feeds.”  The Recommendation Engine suggests post frequency, time-of-day and post media type to assist brands in increasing EdgeRank.


Extole’s multi-channel Social Engagement platform includes applications such as referral programs, sweepstakes and surveys. They are designed to help marketers activate their customer base, engage fans and convert social engagement into Likes, recommendations, sales, customers and prospects.

FaceTime Socialite

Security management and compliance solution for social networks that allows organizations to deploy a SaaS solution suite to monitor, control and archive activity conducted on the corporate network.


Flite is a cloud-based platform that allows marketers to create online display advertising that incorporate real-time content streams, such as videos and polls, from across the web. Its APIs can connect consumers to data and Flite can be integrated with brands’ social media content.


GageIn is a business information social network that combines an extensive web content database with social collaboration and syndication tools. A unified dashboard has features designed to cater to the needs of marketing, sales and competitive intelligence professionals.


Gigya is a software-as-a-service technology for scalable social CRM, deigned to unify the most popular identity and social providers including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and LinkedIn and bring social sign-in features and benefits to corporate websites


GoRecommend, a patent-pending “advocacy engine” from Empathica, helps convert consumers into brand advocates by enabling them to share positive retail experiences with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email.


GreenRope is a web-based platform that combines CRM, contact management, email marketing, calendaring, sales automation and social media management. Its social media integration connects email marketing and CRM to social media accounts to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Ping.FM accounts from a single navigation dashboard.


Social media dashboard which allows organizations to schedule and publish messages to multiple social networks, monitor and filter conversations and track results to rapidly adjust outreach tactics.

Infused Palermo

Social commerce platform for brands to provide fully functioning stores – with inventory browsing, shopping cart and checkout capabilities – directly onto their Facebook fan pages.


InfiniGraph tracks social network use to measure the strength of user connections brands, friends and followers, as well as to help brands identify and analyze influencer segmentation, brand affinity and social activity hubs.

Involver AMP

Enterprise platform for marketers to monitor their brands’ audience across social channels and then publish, schedule and manage their brand’s strategy and presence across the social web.


Web-based Social CRM system that combines social media, email and mobile engagement with a contact database and the tools designed to turn social interaction into opportunities.


Web-based social content management system that enables Web publishers and marketers to develop branded communities, social applications and interactive widgets at their domain and across the social web.

Kony Solutions

Suite of products and support services designed to enable large brands to design, develop, deploy and manage feature-rich mobile applications in a device independent manner and deployed across multiple channels.

Loyalty Match On Demand

Cloud-based application that improves upon the traditional tiered-based loyalty program model by taking advantage of the social incentives, interactions, gaming and word of mouth of social media.


MarketMeSuite is a dashboard to help businesses proactively manage their social media marketing.


By integrating social networks and communication channels into a single solution, Meebo presents users with the ability to discover and share in real time. Using the platform to increase interaction with users and offer loyalty rewards, site publishers may benefit from Meebo’s social sharing with increased repeat visitors, engagement and revenue. Advertisers may take advantage of targeted, rich-media display ads.

Meltwater Buzz Engage

Meltwater Buzz Engage helps businesses manage their social presence and engage with current and prospective customers. The platform’s social profiles provide brands with intelligence on anyone communicating on a given brand or topic over social channels.


mPACT is a web-based marketing tool that identifies the influencers brands and agencies need to target, based on authority, currency, relevancy, volume and other key data points.


Search and discovery tools using semantic technology to access consumer opinions, emotions and behaviors to drive the direction of a social media marketing strategy.


Netvibes is a personalized dashboard to monitor, personalize and publish all aspects of one’s daily digital life with access to all apps activities, widgets and feeds in one place on desktops and mobile devices.

Network Insights SocialSenseFB

Networked Insight’s SocialSenseFB is a social media tool that allows companies to analyze what fans are saying on Facebook about their brand and competitors’ brand.


newBrandAnalytics is an enterprise-grade suite of industry-tailored Social Business Intelligence solutions designed to help organizations listen to, understand and take action on customer feedback across social and traditional media to increase and sustain customer loyalty, profits and market share.

North Social

North Social provides a platform of applications to create and manage custom Facebook fan Pages. The platform is designed to help companies with fan growth, promotions, brand building, e-commerce, social sampling, content distribution and other goals.


Odyl is designed for book publishers and authors to connect and share with their readers on Facebook. It offers turnkey layouts that include book excerpts, author interviews and Goodreads reviews.


A Web-based social marketing platform which helps brands recruit, engage and convert customers on Twitter and Facebook, Offerpop includes a campaign builder, instant landing pages and built-in reports along with social marketing apps.

Open Audience Manager

Open Audience Manager helps marketers with large web sites embed Facebook’s Like button into their web pages and subsequently publish newsfeed updates to Friends of any page.


PageLever provides comprehensive Facebook Page analytics to assess fan demographics and growth along with post visibility and engagement. Page metrics can be compared across two time periods to evaluate both short and long-term effects of Facebook marketing tactics, such as post content, frequency and time/day-of-week of posting.


PaperShare is a social content network that enables businesses and marketers to distribute their product, technical and marketing materials within a targeted social environment. Companies can create profile pages and upload business and marketing materials. Individuals in the same industry can follow an organization to stay current when new content is posted.

Peoplebrowsr Platform

The PeopleBrowsr Platform is a social search engine with real-time viral analytics for brand engagement, combining ReSearch.ly, Viral Analytics and the Command Center.

Position2 Brand Monitor

A cloud-based, collaborative platform that enables companies to listen, discover and engage with social media conversations with data stored and processed by a custom indexing engine.


Postling helps small businesses manage all their social media accounts, schedule updates, get email alerts and track their online reputation.


Dashboard that adds social media touch points to the company’s enterprise-wide customer engagement offerings.


Pushpins is a viral, mobile couponing platform that pushes coupons to consumer’s loyalty cards as they browse and scan products in grocery and retail settings.

Raven Facebook Tool

Component of Raven Internet Marketing Tools that integrates Google Analytics with Facebook Insights and allows users to schedule updates and report on campaign metrics.


ReTargeter is a web-based platform that combines online advertising retargeting software and social media marketing. When prospective users or clients visit a brand’s site and leave without converting, ReTargeter follows them and serves them ads encourage them to return to the brand’s site and convert.


Designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry, Revinate is a software platform that monitors online guest reviews and social media mentions of hotel properties, restaurants and brands. Owners and employees can use Revinate to apply user-generated feedback and data to implement operational improvements.


Media monitoring solution built on Excel, allowing users to stay in their Excel workflow for reporting and analysis of Twitter and Facebook keywords.

Scout Labs

Real-time social media search engine that is continuously scanning the web for the voice-of-the customer, processing the data and displaying it in a real-time dashboard.

Shoutlet 4.0

Shoutlet provides a centralized platform that helps companies manage and monetize their social media communication.


Simplify360 is a social analytics, engagement and campaign platform to monitor brands on social networking sites, news sites, blogs and video sharing portals based on keywords and sentiment.


SnapApp is a marketing platform for customer engagement and acquisition that enables marketers and publishers to create quizzes, polls, surveys, sweepstakes and contests and distribute them on their websites, Facebook, Twitter and via mobile devices.

Social Report

Social Report is a unified social and web analytics dashboard and reporting platform to track social accounts, networks, websites, short links and blogs. It offers tools to help with discovery, marketing, conversion tracking and semantic analysis of your social data.


SocialGo is a SaaS application that creates “socially enabled” websites where groups and communities can communicate and share in a secure environment.


SocMetrics is a SaaS platform designed to help agencies and brands find social media influencers for nearly any given topic, from cloud computing to travel to motherhood. It includes tools to filter, sort, target, monitor and engage relevant influencers.


Spiral16 offers a web-monitoring platform and 3D visual-mapping tool that gathers and analyzes relevant, in-depth business intelligence.

StrongMail Social Studio

Social media marketing platform that includes a referral marketing solution, a social sharing widget for web and email, and a campaign management application for Facebook and Twitter.


StoryCrawler is a real-time social intelligence content curation platform. It is designed to search and gather user-relevant news and information across social media, news articles, blogs, RSS feeds and search engines.
Features can help users find content for republication on Internet and mobile platforms.


Strutta helps brands connect with consumers through promotions on Facebook and the social web. Strutta’s platform includes a DIY Contest Builder software that allows agencies, brands and web publishers to create and manage a contest campaign as a sweepstakes or user generated content promotion without development resources.

Syncapse Platform

The Syncapse Platform is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application designed to help marketers to create a global, cross platform social media presence.


The Synthesio multilingual, social media monitoring platform uses a hybrid of tech and human monitoring services to help brands and agencies collect and analyze consumer conversations and online mainstream media.

Synthesio Unity

Synthesio Unity is an enterprise social media monitoring and engagement platform that uses the company’s international social media monitoring in 30+ languages to provide social management, tracking capabilities, real time routing and team collaboration capabilities.

Taraci Social MediaMgr

The Taraci Social MediaMgr an incentive marketing application allows organizations to host and run employee incentive marketing programs — including length of service, sales, wellness, safety, recognition and referral — entirely through Facebook.


uberVU provides real-time mentions, analytics and options to help brands understand the impact social media has on their business.


Unilyzer is a web-based software application that delivers integrated Internet and social network analytics and as analytics dashboards, management reports and charting tools.

Vitrue Social Relationship Management Platform

Vitrue works with marketers of all sizes, as well as agencies, to deliver a turnkey, comprehensive solution to message, manage, measure and maximize interactions across Facebook and Twitter.


Wahooly is designed to help startups with word of mouth marketing from a group of individuals identified as socially-capable and with a vested interest in seeing them succeed in the long term. Individuals can potentially invest in hundreds of startups — not with money — but with their time and social influence.


webdoc is designed to bring rich expression across social media for more engaging interactions. The drag-and-drop user interface allows mixing pictures, videos, sounds and interactive applications in a freeform post to help brands promote, engage and sell wherever their audiences are: Twitter, Facebook, blog or website.

WiseWindow’s MOBI

WiseWindow’s Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI) offers real-time social media data views of industry landscapes based upon topic clustering and association. MOBI — on its own or using its data in combination with sales and/or web activity data — is designed to be applied to business needs such as forecasting demand, seeding product development, competitive market intelligence, tracking customer opinion and measuring marketing and social media impact.


Zmags is an SaaS delivered, rich-media merchandising and analytics solution for personalized, interactive online catalogs and digital magazines simulating brands’ offline experiences. These Zmags present equivalent customer experiences whether delivered on web browsers, within Facebook pages or on mobile devices.


Mobile direct response marketing and distribution network that powers the StarStar Mobile Dial Code Service and Registry to help brands and advertisers bridge offline and online advertising via mobile phones

Zuberance Advocate Platform

A hosted service that enables companies to systematically identify and mobilize their Brand Advocates, plus track results of Advocate marketing programs in real-time.



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