Sony Jumped On The Tablet Bandwagon

Sony unveiled a pair of new tablets today, and one has a rather novel design.

The first tablet, the Sony S1, is a 9″ Android tablet with a wedge design.  It’s running Android v3.0 on a Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU, and it’s one distinguishing feature is that it will ship with support for Sony PS1 games.

The Sony S2, on the other hand, has a pair of very wide 5.5″ (1024×480) screens. It’s also running Honeycomb on a Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU.

Both tablets will be available in the Fall, with no word yet on the price. In addition to the PS support both devices will also ship with Sony’s online music services and its e-book store.

The Sony S2 looks a little odd, but I think the design is interesting. Some may scream in horror, but I recognize the form factor. It’s not new and while Sony hasn’t released a device with this form factor before, others have.

The S2 looks something like the Nintendo DS with its dual screens, but if you look at just the shape you might notice that it looks something like the HPC design. About 8 years ago HP, NEC, and others released handheld deivces with very wide and short screens. Now, those HPCs had keyboards  and not the second screen, but the general shape is the same.

In concept, it was a good and functional design. I’m looking forward to seeing if the Sony S2 works out.