Sony Reader, B&N Nook, Plastic Logic QUE? Sorry, Game Over. It is All About the Kindle & iPad Going Forward

Timing truly is everything. In 2009, the question was who, if anyone, would challenge Amazon’s Kindle in the ebook reader arena. It looked like Sony was making a reasonable attempt to recapture the product category they actually pioneered. I don’t hear anyone talking about Sony ebook readers anymore. Barnes & Noble’s Nook made a splash last fall but was unable to deliver enough units to meet what appeared to be a significant demand. The result, I think, is that people bought a Kindle instead. Plastic Logic has a slightly different e-reading focus. They focused on the periodical market (newspapers and magazines).

Engadget reported news about both B&N’s Nook and Plastic Logic’s QUE proReader this week:

Barnes & Noble Nook arriving at Best Buy, will go on sale April 18

Plastic Logic expects to ship QUE proReader in June

Unfortunately, I think the ereader game was decided over the past week and Sony, B&N, and Plastic Logic are not one of the players. I don’t think many people will disagree that the iPad and Amazon’s Kindle platform (not just the device itself) are the two main players. I don’t have much time to read books. But, I spent some time a few days ago reading a book using the Kindle for iPad app and found the experience a very good one. Amazon’s strategy to provide Kindle content reading on multiple platforms combined with their enormous ebook catalog makes it my personal content and platform choice. The iPad’s ability to do more than just let me read books and brilliant color screen has won me over in more than just ebook reading. I’m convinced that serious/frequent readers will continue to choose the Kindle while casual readers like myself (and perhaps some serious ones too) will choose the iPad.