Sony Explains Wonky Geography of The Walk Poster

The studio's justification is laughable.

Vulture associate editor Nate Jones noticed something strange when he attended a press screening of The Walk, Robert Zemeckis’ account of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s daring 1974 walk through the space between the original Word Trade Center towers. Looking at the projected image of the poster on screen, he gradually realized that the buildings shown below the spec of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit are located four miles away, at 50th Street and Fifth Avenue.


It took a while for Jones to get a comment from Sony Pictures, but he has now added what he was told into a Sept. 29 item. See if you buy any part of the studio’s explanation:

“The movie is a love letter to the Twin Towers and to New York City in all of its brilliance. This early teaser image represents an artistic composition, as all posters do.”

Perhaps someone involved with the creation of the poster took the name of Zemeckis’ production company, ImageMovers, a little too literally. Or, given the anomalous presence of 30 Rock, maybe Sony had a favor owing to NBC Universal. Pretty much any guess is more entertaining and believable that what Sony is trying to spin.

As noted by Jones, the blog Untapped Cities was first to this mess.

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