Sony’s Wig Patent Has GPS and Blood Pressure Monitoring, Nearly Making Wigs Enviable

The latest company to join the smart wearables market is Sony’s Samsung, but it’s taken in a direction for the unexpected: toupees and wigs. The high tech device is outfitted with all kinds of sensors capable of performing all kinds of tasks wigs and hair are not normally performing, like taking your blood pressure. Didn’t need it? How about GPS location tracking? Or, a wiggy remote and laser pointer  for stylish powerpoint presentations?

If bras can be smart, why not wigs? Evidently, busts and heads are extremely sensitive and therefore, perfect for technological sensors. Because, you know, we will protect them with all of our might:

The fact that users instinctively protect their heads more than other body parts is also advantageous, since more sensitive sensors and other computing components may be used without the risk of getting damaged. Moreover, the wearable computing device according to the present disclosure can be easily combined with other wearable devices, such as computer glasses or smartphones.

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