SoundTracking App Gets 100,000 Downloads in 2 Weeks

SoundTracking, a new, mobile music app, has recently announced the achievement of a business landmark by exceeding 100,000 downloads since its release only two weeks ago.

SoundTracking follows in the same vein of many recent social music applications, providing users with an appropriate tool for sharing — or bragging — about whatever they’re currently listening to (“Have you heard of whale-core yet? No? It’s trash metal and throat singing with distorted whale song instead of guitars!”) via their mobile status. The app is able to identify music currently being played (through the use of GraceNote technology) at the user’s location or can have songs selected through a search function. SoundTracking then lets users share a sample of the song, its title, their current location and photos and comments on either the app itself or a host of supported, external social networks.

Steve Jang, SoundTracking’s co-founder and chief executive, previously worked at Myspace‘s acquistition, Imeem, as the now defunct company’s chief marketing officer. Jang and his company, Schematic Labs have sought to differentiate SoundTracking from other social music applications by emphasizing that the app was built to offer communal interactions from the ground-up rather than having these features added on to an existing music service.

It’s obviously working. 100,000 downloads is nothing for a new app to sneeze at and, considering that only two weeks have passed since its release, SoundTracking appears to have caught onto something that strikes a chord. Schematic Labs plans to continue working at improving the app for the forseeable future, creating a version of the program that will run on Android, before moving on to new projects.

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