Source: Total Traffic Internal Strife, Operations VP David Fein ‘Days Numbered’

It’s been a tumultuous 10 months since Westwood One’s Shadow/Metro Traffic was acquired by Clear Channel and ultimately renamed the Rutherford, New Jersey operation Total Traffic.

With Clear Channel in place, the media conglomerate brought in many of its own personnel. That included at the top. David Fein, who has been with Clear Channel since 2003. Fein was the VP, regional director of operations for Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic.   

So once the merger took place, Fein was essentially number 1, or 1a.  But Crys Quimby, the Shadow/Metro VP of programming and operations remained. FishbowlNY had reported in November that Quimby might be on her way out, as rumors circulated at the Route 17 complex that Fein felt he was the only manager needed to oversee the day-to-day operations, not the two-headed monster.

Now, FishbowlNY has learned exclusively, it’s Fein who may be pushed out. It would be a shocking climax to the merger, as his company, it would appear, is in the driver’s seat.

However, a well-placed source tells FishbowlNY that there is much unhappiness since the Total Traffic takeover last April.

“Word in the ops center is there is a local management shake up any day now. Local stations including WCBS, WINS, and Bloomberg [WBBR] are bitching about the quality of the service falling off the deep end since the merger,” The source continues. “The pressure is on David Fein, whose days are believed to be numbered, to fix things.”

However, one person with knowledge of the situation at one of Total Traffic “clients” offers a different spin. The individual tells FishbowlNY the story has no basis in fact. The person says the station always provides feedback to Total Traffic, adding that there hasn’t been any change to that feedback since the acquisition. Furthermore, the person adds, that station is engaged in daily discussions with TT on all types of issues, and pointing out that it works well.

 But, the source within TT insists that’s not the case, heaping the blame on Fein and, apparently, giving Quimby a new found sense of security.

“Crys has been huddling with long time staffers, and the biggest stations believe she is the only one who can restore their trust.”

The aforementioned radio station insider was not sure about the internal doings at Total Traffic, but had no sense of any issues.

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