Sources: RockYou To Power Facebook Credits Ads Integration

According to multiple sources we’ve spoken with over the past few weeks, RockYou will be the third partner to work with Facebook on their growing Credits platform. The other two partners, TrialPay and Peanut Labs, have been working with Facebook to power their offers and surveys integration with Facebook Credits, respectively. With $119 million in funding, many have wondered whether or not RockYou would be able to build a fledgling business.

With ongoing business challenges, and a need to justify a massive valuation, it sounds as though this partnership with Facebook could potentially turn out to be a life-saving one if it turns out to be accurate. How RockYou will integrate with Facebook Credits is not yet clear, however according to the people we’ve spoken to, RockYou is expected to power some form of ad network for Facebook Credits.

While we’re still trying to find out the complete details, it sounds as though the service will promote in-application opportunities to generate Facebook credits. Despite the unclear integration with Credits, it’s pretty clear that Facebook is looking for more opportunities for users to earn Credits and to promote those opportunities.

Just today Techcrunch posted about Facebook’s expansion of offers integration outside of applications. While Facebook is expanding the opportunities to earn Credits, integration with developers has been limited to a closed set of partners, and it sounds as though it will stay that way for now.

How successful Facebook Credits will be is not yet known as it appears to be an ongoing source of tension with developers. Zynga, for example, is looking to drive users off of the Facebook Platform to their own standalone site, in order to decrease the company’s dependance on Facebook. Despite the push, it’s pretty common knowledge that user acquisition of the Facebook Platform is much more expensive.

As such, in-app Facebook Credits integration could become a pretty large business for Facebook. If the multiple sources we’ve spoken to over the past few weeks are accurate, RockYou will be the next partner to power another aspect of Facebook Credits.

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