South Africa: Say Hello To Localized YouTube

Yesterday YouTube announced that they have added South Africa to their list of YouTube locations. The news of the video site’s expansion came just in time for YouTube’s 5th birthday. The addition of South Africa brings YouTube to a total of 23 localized international countries, in 6 continents. South Africa is the first country on the African continent to become localized on YouTube.

South Africans have always had access to YouTube, as the site can be accessed by any computer with Internet all over the world (except in countries where the government has banned the site). However, localization will allow South African users to find homegrown, local content more easily, as well as to find videos that are currently popular in South Africa.

In addition, YouTube has teamed up with local South African broadcasters in order to serve up more relevant content for local viewers. YouTube has teamed up with the South African Broadcasting Corporation and to increase the amount of YouTube content created in South Africa and relevant to South African viewers. Educational content is also being provided by South African Journalism Schools.

YouTube’s African Product Manager Divon Lan, and Product Manager Brian Troung say, “All in all, we are pleased to be officially putting down roots in South Africa and look forward to working with South African users, partners and advertisers.” Their goal is to make the YouTube community larger, more diverse and more exciting than ever.

If you live abroad you can localize your YouTube page by choosing your location at the bottom of the YouTube page. You don’t have to actually be in the country you choose, so feel free to change your location to South Africa, Japan, Taiwan or any of the other countries to sample popular content from around the globe.

Is your YouTube page localized? If so, do you find it makes it easier for you to find content that is relevant to you?