Speak To Post On The New CloudTalk Social Network

CloudTalk is a new social network that is attempting to stand out from Facebook and Twitter by providing the ability to post audio and video recordings. Mobile apps for Android and iPhone smartphones are now available, which allow you to create recordings and post them to the site.

You can use CloudTalk in two ways. One is to send private audio messages to anyone in your phone’s contact list, the other way is to participate in communities, which are forums that support audio and text messages. The person who receives a private message gets an email with a link to the audio recording, which they can play using a Flash-based audio player. In order for that person to respond to your message they have to sign-up for CloudTalk.

The screenshot shows you an example of how communities look in CloudTalk. What you see is a mix of text messages and audio messages. The audio messages have a small play indicator along with the length of the audio recording, and all you need to do is tap the bubble of the message to listen to the audio recording. To record your own audio response, just tap the microphone button. You can also record video messages, however, every time I tried to do so the Android app caused a force close.

After checking CloudTalk out, I find the private messaging feature to be the most compelling, but I find the communities mixture of audio and text messages to be difficult to follow.