‘Spell with Pip’ Turns Vocab Drills Into a Game

Practicing spelling drills can turn into a bit of chore for youngsters. The ‘Spell with Pip’ app from Oxford University Press aims to turn that around.

The app features a brightly colored parrot, Pip, who takes kids through a video game style spelling bee. Kids are shown a word to spell and then they have to use Pip to catch the right letters and put them in order as they fly across the screen. Picking out the wrong letter means Pip loses a feather. Moving up a level brings tougher challenges, including less time to spell the word.Correctly spelled words are stored in the app, so kids can review them and their definitions later and track their progress.

Spell with Pip is aimed at kids ages 4 to 8. It’s available for the iPad now for £2.99. It is expected to be available for Android in spring 2014.


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