Spellgate: Adweek Vows to Cover Zynga, Not Zenga, in Future

But note to the NYP and others: Zenga is not a clothing brand

The world has apparently noticed: We misspelled the name of social-gaming company Zynga on the cover of our relaunch issue. Oops. We spelled it Zenga, missed it in proofing, and shuffled off to the bar. (It was also presumably misspelled on the giant cake, adorned with the new cover, that we enjoyed on Saturday evening—though the evidence has been devoured, so who knows. Plus, we were drunk.)

It took about 36 hours for copy editors everywhere to catch on, and then the tweets started. @Zynga joined in the fun, asking us if we meant the Hasbro game Jenga or perhaps the menswear designer Ermenegildo Zegna. (Full disclosure: We've played the former, have not worn the latter.) We said we were too busy doing Zen Buddhist painting and calligraphy to chat. Zynga was unamused, or at least didn't reply.

Then, the New York Post weighed in Wednesday morning, in shocked tones—and in the process, managed themselves to misspell Ermenegildo Zegna as Ermenegildo Zenga. Oops. And PC Magazine flubbed it too. 

Typos are just one more of the perils of print—quaint in their way—as well as reassuring proof that our new look has been noticed. Please keep an eye out.