Spend Your Evening Watching The Foo Fighters Live On Facebook

Forget that halloween party you were planning on going to tonight and stay in to watch the Foo Fighters streaming live from Studio 606 on their Facebook Page. So far over 10,000 fans have registered to watch the event which is being powered by Livestream (formerly Mogulus). This form of streaming event is becoming increasingly popular, all of which tend to have the same layout: a streaming video service combined with Facebook’s live stream widget.

Facebook can count the Jonas Brothers as well as numerous other musicians who have hosted live events on their Facebook Page. As I wrote earlier this week, celebrities have been using Facebook Pages extensively to connect with fans and reach those that they previously could not have connected with. Today’s event with the Foo Fighters is to promote the band’s soon to be released “Greatest Hits” album.

Right now it appears that Ustream and Livestream are the two largest competitors for the live Facebook events space, however there is still much growth ahead. As Paul Boutin highlighted in September, “Facebook streamers have racked up 4 million viewers and 6 million hours of total watching. That sounds like a lot, but Facebook has 300 million members. Four million streaming video watchers means that barely more than one percent of Facebook’s users have checked out a live stream in the past eight weeks.”

I’d expect the live events space to grow dramatically over the coming months and years as celebrities continue to interact with their fans through the site. If you are interested in watching the Foo Fighters tonight, you can watch the event via the Livestream on their Facebook Page.

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