Spiel Studios releases single-screen auto-runner Galaxy Run on iOS

Image via Spiel Studios

Spiel Studios has announced the release of its newest game on iOS, Galaxy Run, starring Rez the spaceman who wishes simply to go home. Players will guide Rez through hundreds of levels filled with hazards, and can control the game using one-touch play.

Each level in Galaxy Run takes place on a single screen, and is filled with its own obstacles. Levels are set across three separately themed worlds: deep space, a desert planet and a blue world. Rez automatically runs across the screen, leaving players to tap on the screen to hop and jump across gaps and over obstacles.

As levels progress, players are introduced to hazards including pits, fire, alien enemies, spikes, lasers and more, and will interact with 18 different level-changing features, like bounce pads, speed boosters, grappling hooks and even the ability to alter the directional pull of gravity.

Galaxy Run provides power-ups as micro transactions to help players along. These include the ability to play in slow motion, complete level skips, and the ability to run through obstacles like a ghost.

“Our goal was to create a title that was easy enough for players to quickly understand but with enough fun and depth to keep them engaged,” said Mohit Sureka, CEO of Spiel Studios, in a company statement. “Auto-runners with single-screen levels still remain a fairly unexplored genre and this game should help fill that gap. With Galaxy Run we are showing how fun and addictive these games can be.”

Galaxy Run features 360 levels at launch, with the developer confirming plans to provide free updates to the game containing new chapters. A level editor is also being planned, which will allow players to create and share their own level designs with the community.

Galaxy Run is now available to download for $0.99 on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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