Spike Launches Lip Sync Battle App on iOS

With the Lip Sync Battle app, users can create lip sync videos by lip-syncing to popular songs, and they can share these videos with others in the app.

Spike released Lip Sync Battle in soft launch on iOS. The application is based on television show Lip Sync Battle, and it was co-created by Nadine Levitt, founder and CEO of karaoke app Wurrly, and Casey Patterson, executive producer of Lip Sync Battle and founder of Casey Patterson Entertainment.

Lip Sync Battle Screenshots

With the Lip Sync Battle app, users can create lip sync videos by lip-syncing to popular songs, and they can share these videos with others both inside and outside of the app. Users can select songs to lip sync to by browsing a variety of categories including pop, rock and country, and they can also choose songs that have previously been performed on the Lip Sync Battle TV show.

When a user selects a song from the show, they’ll be able to watch a clip of the performance from the show before recording their own video.

When recording a video, a user will be presented with the song’s lyrics as the song plays. Users can add special effects to their videos, including masks for their faces and filters. In addition, users can add captions to their videos before sharing them with the app’s other users. Users can also make their videos private.

As a social platform, users can watch videos posted by other users, and they can post likes and comments on videos. Users can also follow others within the app.

Finally, users can share their videos to social media, or share them through email or text message from within the app. Users can also challenge their friends to “battles” within the app.

Lip Sync Battle is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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