Spin and Car and Driver: A Comparison

Fans of the defunct music periodical to receive auto mag instead

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The world may not be ending today, but Spin’s existence as a print magazine is. The Buzzmedia-owned indie music title, which reduced its frequency earlier this year before dropping its November/December issue, announced that it would stop publishing a print edition with the September/October 2012 issue and serve out subscribers' orders with, oddly, Car and Driver.

The substitution of Hearst’s automotive title for an indie music magazine seems like a head scratcher, to say the least. (Meanwhile, former Spin subscribers are already taking to Twitter to vent about the change.) Here's how Car and Driver explained the decision in a letter to Spin readers: “I know we can’t replace the insight and passion that Spin delivered to new music lovers. But we can promise that Car and Driver will provide that same insight and passion for cars. Our approach, our worldview, our love of the subject—all that is shared between these two titles.”

A separate statement from Spin on its website tells readers, "We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our leading editorial, photographic, and multi-media content online. Special arrangements have been made with alternative publishers to fulfill your SPIN print subscription for the remaining term" (but doesn't mention which mag they'll be getting instead).

So, how do Spin’s final issue and Car and Driver’s latest compare?


Cover star

Spin, September/October 2012: Rapper Azealia Banks

Car and Driver, January 2013: 2014 C7 Chevrolet Corvette


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Car and Driver: Can the F-type Save Jaguar? Predicting the Fates of Ford's Offloaded Luxury Brands


Spin: An Oral History of the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Car and Driver: Remastered Classics: Retro Wheels on Modern Rides


Good luck, Animal Collective fans!

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