Spin Author On the Menu: ‘Everyone Seemed to Have a Crazy Publicist Story or a Crazy Boss Story’

Publicist turned author Robert Rave appeared on mediabistro’s Morning Media Menu podcast this morning. Rave briefly worked for NY publicist Lizzie Grubman and spent nine years in PR, before turning to writing. His book, Spin: A Novel, was released this past August. Grubman told US magazine that the book isn’t about her, but is a “fun fictional story.”

“As much as I would like to say that those experiences are my own – just for the war wounds, it is a novel,” said Rave. “It’s basically how this young guy…learns the ropes of the NY boutique PR industry. It’s not the happy go-lucky type of story that a lot of these books are. It’s an amalgamation of a lot of different experiences of a lot of different people I met while working in PR and living in New York. Everyone seemed to have a crazy publicist story or a crazy boss story.”

So how about some examples? Rave was happy to oblige. “I had a friend tell me a story of a publicist who he worked for and this particular publicist would make sure that they invited the world to whatever event they were having that night, you know, just to be sure that people showed up,” he said. “By the time the night of the event would roll around, it would be packed and people would be waiting and then all of a sudden they check in and [the person at the door would say], ‘No, I’m sorry, you’re name is not on the list.’ People would say, ‘Wait I got a call from your office earlier today, making sure I was coming.'” People would then often ask to speak with the head of the agency, not knowing he or she was already standing right there. “No, I’m sorry, they’re not here right now,” they would say. Listen to the full interview, posted below.

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