Spin the Agencies of Record

[There was so much competition this week for the image here–but how could we not choose Cavalia?]

Account wins in this edition of Spin the Agencies of Record this week include the equine version of Cirque du Soleil, a guitar store, wine, tequila, a WNBA team, a child star-turned hip hop artist, and an organization that helps non-profits assess and allot resources in times of crisis:

Disney/Nickelodeaon star Daniel Curtis Lee, (aka ‘Dan-D) signs Avid Exposure PR to shift to hip hop

Propheta assists Unified Help and two other new clients

Cornerstone Public Relations (a division of Cornerstone Promotion) kicks out the jams with a trifecta of cool wins including TDK Life on Record, Guitar Center, and Converse

Equestrian multimedia performance Cavalia ponies up for 5WPR

Burditch Marketing Communications (BMC) enjoys Blackbird Vineyards, Porfidio Tequila, Burger Kitchen and three other delicious account wins

Allison & Partners scores the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks account

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