SplashID for iPhone Adds Finger Pattern Login: Be Careful of Those Finger Pattern Oil Smears!

I received a press release about a update to SplashData’s password manager app describing its new feature:

“Finger Pattern Login” which makes it simpler for users to access, but much more difficult for potential identity thieves to crack the code and steal all of your passwords, account numbers, web logins, etc. You trace a pattern on the screen of your iPhone to launch the app instead of needing to recall another alphanumeric code.

SplashID – Password Manager ($9.99 in the iTunes App Store)

This probably sounds very familiar to Android users who use that platform’s pattern lock feature to secure their phone. Android users who use this feature probably know something that SplashID users will soon learn: Choosing a good finger pattern is just as important as choosing a good conventional password. Simple non-overlapping gesture patterns leave an easy to read finger oil smear on screens that literally tells anyone who looks at it how to unlock your phone. So, choose a pattern that goes back overlaps over your finger smears to reduce the chance of someone reading your finger pattern on your screen.

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