Spotify Is Now Free For The Asking

Spotify, which is a popular streaming music service that became available in the United States this summer, is now freely available to anyone interested in signing up for the service. When it first launched, Spotify was in a closed beta and one could only sign up by getting an invite.

Spotify’s popularity is due to the combination of its large catalog of over 15 million songs, the ability to listen to any song, create and share playlists, and do so for free so long as you are willing to listen to ads. The free version also limits users to 10 hours of listening per month and for a limited time Spotify is providing new subscribers of the free service 6 months of unlimited music play back.

Paid versions of the service are also available for $4.99 per month with no play back limits and no advertising and $9.99 per month to have no ads, no limits, plus the ability download and play music offline and be able to play music on smartphones.

Before you rush to sign up for Spotify, one word of caution. Spotify is one of several services that is now sharing information with Facebook. If you provide Spotify access to your Facebook account the music you listen to will appear in your news stream for all your friends to see. If you want to turn off this sharing, or make sure it is not happening, you can change Spotify’s settings as instructed by Lifehacker.

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