Spotted on U Street: Rahm in a Lot of Denim

If journos want to find White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (known to spill to some reporters but not others) on a Saturday night, they might do well to head to U Street at the corner of 11th and U, not far from Vinoteca Wine Bar & Bistro.

Two D.C. political flacks out on the town Saturday night spotted Emanuel at about 7:30 p.m. getting out of his “non-inconspicious security detail” while draped in stylish (for the 90s) head to toe stonewashed denim.”

“Early speculation centers around Vinoteca,” one flack said on where they thought Emanuel was going. “Apparently Karl Kani stonewashed denim is allowed there.” (Kani designs hipster denim for women, children and infants.)

Emanuel wore blue jeans paired with a jean jacket. “Denim shirt unconfirmed. He was solo minus his detail who might as well have been taking style tips from Graucho Marx,” the tipster said.

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