Spring Cleaning for Tweets: Top 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Twitter Account

Spring is a time for fresh starts and clean slates, and that begins with the staples of your daily routine, like checking your Twitter account. If you do spring cleaning for your house, why not do some spring cleaning for your social media world? Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s time to reevaluate your Twitter life and set yourself up for a fruitful year of micro-messaging. Here are the top 5 ways to accomplish this.

1. Do Some Deleting. Part of the fun of Twitter is that you can scroll through your home page, quickly scanning for the tweets that interest you and ignoring those messages that just don’t stir your imagination or make you want to read more. Especially since Twitter has become such a multimedia paradise, you may find that you click on some Twitter users’ video links more than others or totally ignore the pictures that another Twitter user so proudly displays. Part of the beauty of Twitter is that you don’t have to pay attention to every person’s every tweet, and that if you do, you’ve really only wasted five seconds of your life. But still, if you have people on your lists that you literally never look at, go ahead and delete ’em. A little streamlining never hurt anyone.

2. Follow Users With Fresh Perspectives. Following forward-looking people will make you more forward-looking too. Whether you like to read tweets about political campaigns or the latest beetle species found in the Amazon, following users who are creative and don’t follow the mold will freshen up your Twitter experience.

3. Organize Your Twitter Closet. Twitter makes it easy to follow users with one click of a mouse….and with another click, you can organize those users into various lists. It’s incredibly easy, and the most simple way to organize your Twitter life. Lists can be superficial if you don’t feel like all your accounts fall into specific categories — but when you’ve got a specific topic on your mind, seeing a compartmentalized Twitter isn’t such a bad thing.

4. And Be a Little Superficial. Sometimes, it does matter what your screen looks like. Go ahead and swap your Twitter theme for a more beautiful background. Browse custom-made designs, or just look through images for something that truly represents you. While you’re at it, change your profile picture — even if it’s just the thumbnail version, you stare at your profile picture a lot — seeing something fresh and new will add a little spring in your Twitter step.

5. Walk a Mile in Another Tweeter’s Shoes. Another great way to add fresh insight to your Twitter feed is to follow someone you never would ordinarily. Look through the Twitter users one of your friends follows — particularly a friend who you have little in common with. Are you a scientist? Follow someone in the photography world. Broadening your horizons will set you up for not only the rest of spring, but a hot Twitter summer.

How do you keep your Twitter experience fresh?

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